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Easily Attract High Quality Leads That Convert

If you want your marketing to be easy and automated this client-attraction system is going to be a game changer!

Easy Client-Attraction Please

If you wish you could...

  • Set your client attraction system on auto-pilot and get back to what you do best knowing your marketing is attracting your best clients 365 days a year.

  • Attract the kind of clients who are a perfect fit ... the ones who are ready to work with you because they know your offer is exactly what they need right now

  • Stop wasting time with unqualified leads so you can turn your best leads into your best clients 

  • Build your list so when you are ready for the next launch your list is ready to buy it

  • The good news is that you can! 

    Because It Really Shouldn't Be So Freaking Hard to Find Your Best Clients!

    I get it! Just three years ago my business was in dire straights and my client-attration system was non-existent. I was attracting a truck load of leads who weren't serious about working with me! 

    I went on a quest for a new client-attraction system that would make my life and my business easier. Success!! I'd found what I was looking for, tripled my leads, and doubles my sales. 

    Here's the secret -- I used the same client-attraction system that my prior Fortune 100 clients, like Apple, HP and Pepsi, pay millions a year to use. 

    You can unlock the secrets of the Fortune 100 and achieve success in your business by using the same client-attraction system they do. It's all about the quiz my friends!

    Get ready to say goodbye to freebie seekers and tire kickers clogging up your calendar and never buying anything. Attract your best clients effortlessly and all day every day

    Here's How A Quiz Can Grow Your Business: 

  • Set your marketing to auto-pilot so it works for you and you can work in your zone of genius

  • Meet your clients where they need you the most by easily understanding their biggest challenges

  • Elevate your brand and become the go-to industry leader by showcasing your expertise and building awareness with a quiz strategy

  • Fill your programs and courses with ease - from low to high-ticket and everything in between - with the power of a quiz that can handle it all

  • Go viral and attract more of your best clients as everyone loves to take quizzes and share them with their friends

  • Maximize your reach  use you quiz on all your social media platforms, at networking events, as podcast gifts, at speaking engagements, in your books, with QR codes, and everywhere else!

  • Easily attract your very best clients 365 days a year

    Easily Grow My Business

    Introducing The Quiz Creation Formula

  • Automatically attract more qualified leads and turn them into your best clients 

  • Build a big email list full of ideal clients who can't wait to dig into your offers

  • Shine brightly as the expert and build your brand to new heights

  • Do it all on auto-pilot so you can focus on what you do best

  • Filter your unqualified leads so you don't waste time with tire kickers

  • coffee chat

    It can really be this easy, breezy, lemon-squeezy!

    Just ask a few Quiz Creators

  • "The Quiz Creation Formula will help you design a quiz that gives you more than you ever expected." Jem C. Business Coach

  • "I had an 82% conversion rate to my email list, and a 4.59% conversion to sales calls. Holy cow! I'm thrilled. I can't recommend Catharine strongly enough. You will LOVE working with her!"

    Kelle S. The Spirit Doctor

  • "I was able to create an assessment that had robust technical quality, content quality, and reliability. Even if you think of yourself as a good writer, getting professional questionnaire design is well worth it!"

    Ronda R, Retain My Team

  • Here's how The Quiz Creation Formula Works

  • Ask the best questions to take your clients on a journey from their 3AM problem and learn a little bit about their current situation, their struggles and their aspirations

  • Offer your expertise with every question you ask as your client learns more about their problem and the possible solutions 

  • Attract qualified leads that turn into your best clients by providing a solution for their "3AM wake up in night sweats" problem

  • Provide insights into solutions that can help them solve their biggest challenge

  • Invite your best clients to a further discussion whether that is through a 1:1 call a masterclass, a sales page, or a webinar

  • Create your quiz once and use it forever so you can truly "set it and forget it" with an automated client-attraction system always up and running

  • Here's what's covered in the Quiz Creation Formula 6-week Online Course:

  • Module 1: Stop The Scroll

    The easiest way to craft your quiz hook that will stop your best clients in their tracks and attract them to your offer all day every day!

  • Module 2: Solve their Biggest Challenges

    Powerfully show up for your clients by understanding their "3AM challenges" and meeting them where they are to help them up the mountain

  • Module 3: Ask the right questions

    Every client wants to be heard. Craft your quiz to ask the right questions about your clients situation, challenges, and dreams so they can be heard and you can provide the best help.

  • Expert
  • Module 4: Show up as the expert

    Your clients want you to be the answer they are looking for and the help that they need. Be the expert in your quiz through the questions that you ask and the solutions you provide.

  • Shine with Solutions
  • Module 5: Shine with Solutions

    Capitalize on all three ways you can provide your clients with the best solutions to their biggest challenges all within your quiz

  • Fortune in the followup
  • Module 6: Build Your Stacked List

    Make sure you are building your list to be up to the task of following up with your new peeps! After all the fortune is in the follow-up!

  • Are you ready to attract the best clients to your business all on auto-pilot?

    Yes To More Qualified Clients

    Here's What's Included:

  • Quiz Creation Formula with all 6 modules recoded and ready on-demand. (Value $2,497)

  • 3 months of 1:1 Laser Coaching Calls to answer any questions and keep your quiz on track. (Value $1997)

  • On-Demand access to all Quiz Creation Formula recordings, course materials and templates (Value $1,997) 

  • Download course templates, blueprints and checklists that pair with your course modules (Value $500)

  • Hotline available 24/7 for any quiz questions or concerns with access anytime day or night to collaborate with Catharine and all fellow quiz creators (Value $750)

  • Lifetime access to the Quiz Creator Course and all course materials so you can revisit any modules at any time, join any weekly collaboration calls, and get access to all updated materials as soon as they are available (Value $5,000)

  • Full Pay Bonus

    When you pay in full you get The Traffic Stampede! 

    A master session on driving traffic to your quiz

  • Dial in your quiz superpowers and create a traffic stampede! 

  • Generate buzz on social media and drive traffic with your quiz

  • Network like a champion with a business card like none other

  • Never worry again about gifts for summits, podcasts or speaking engagements 

  • stampede
    Yes To More Qualified Clients

    Here's what clients have to say: 

  • "If you are looking for a unique balance of strategic, creative, and analytical you are in the right place! Catharine guided me through some high stakes, deep thinking before even getting to the quiz. I particularly appreciate Catharine's authenticity, sense of humor and wisdom."

    Jamie D. Business Coach

  • "Catharine is an extremely passionate and driven individual who really embraces how to translate consumer insights into being action-oriented for businesses"

    Nick L. Kantar International

  • "Catharine is a great communicator who has the innate ability to develop great chemistry and strong morale among her team clients."

    Gary O. Advanis

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Each module is scheduled for 90 minutes. With some question and answer time we may go over 90 minutes on any given week

    Yes! Each session will be recorded and uploaded to the membership area so you have access to every module for reference or to catch up with if you can't make a session live.

    ➤ What other technology will be needed?

    No other technology is needed to create your quiz. There is an option to test your quiz hook via Facebook ads and therefore a Facebook ads manager can be used but is not mandatory. We will be comparing different programming and hosting options for your quiz once it's created in the last session but again not mandatory to create your quiz. 

    ➤ Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Of course. If you feel that after 14 days and 2 modules, including developing your killer quiz hook, you are not confident and motivated to create a killer quiz and increase your conversions just reach out and we will refund your investment.


    Catharine O'Leary

    Catharine O'Leary

  • After 3 decades in the corporate world working for many of the Fortune 100 companies Catharine is using her skills as a market research and consumer insights specialist to help entrepreneurs attract more qualified leads, convert more sales, and build lists that make money ever day.  

    Every business deserves a quiz so let's get building! 

  • Join The Quiz Creation Formula TODAY!

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